Red Fleet State Park

Nestled in the heart of Dinosaurland, about 13 miles north of Vernal, is Red Fleet State Park. While Utah boasts many different state parks, Red Fleet offers some unique recreation and scenery that make it well worth a drive out through the gorgeous Utah desert.


Red Fleet Reservoir

Most of Red Fleet State Park is water. As the result of Red Fleet Dam restricting the flow of the winding Big Brush Creek, Red Fleet Reservoir serves as a sparkling green oasis amid the red rock and sandstone landscape surrounding Vernal. The reservoir attracts visitors looking to enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, boating, or shoreline exploration around the 520 acres of water.

Paddle Crafts are the hottest thing at Red Fleet. With one of the largest “No Wake Zones” in the area and beautiful red cliffs to paddle around, people refer to the park as a paddle craft destination in itself. Boards are available for rent or you can bring your own. Boat rentals are available. Check current rental rates.

For the adrenaline enthousiast, cliff jumping is one of the most popular things to do while visiting the park. The “Cave”, as referred to by the locals, is located directly across the lake from the boat ramp and allows for all levels of jumpers to enjoy a splash in the cool water. You can jump from 2 ft to 25 feet or even higher if you’re brave enough. This is also the same location as the dinosaur trackway.

Fish species include black crappie, various trout species, mountain whitefish, bass, yellow perch, walleye and wiper. Anglers of all ages and skill levels should be able to catch plenty of fish at Red Fleet.

Boating is a great way to spend a day at Red Fleet State Park too. A boat ramp is available for putting in and coming out, on the east end of the park. Both motorized and non motorized water crafts use the same boat ramp.

In the summer months, the water temperature at Red Fleet Reservoir can get fairly warm. Water level rises and falls depending on how much is let out through the dam. Check current conditions.

Dinosaur Trackway

Just like many of the other attractions in Utah’s Dinosaurland, Red Fleet State Park also includes a fun look back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the area.

If you look closely on the north side of the reservoir, you can see real dinosaur footprints left in the sandstone, believed to be more than 200 million years old! A hiking trail called the Dinosaur Trackway leads visitors down to the water’s edge where footprints are visible. Some of the tracks may be below the water level if the reservoir is especially high. Many of these dino-tracks are difficult to see without a careful eye and the right angle, but there are kiosks at the end of the trail that provide information about the trackways as well as a map of where you can see the best footprints.

To get to Dinosaur Trackway trail, turn onto Donkey Flat Road off of US-191. There is a marked turnoff from Donkey Flat Road for “Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway.”

Other Things to Do at Red Fleet


Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackways trail is the main trail for hiking, but across the street from the parking is the trailhead for Battleship Rocks trail as well. Both hold amazing views of the state park and the valley.

Mountain Biking

There is an extensive network of mountain biking trails called the Red Fleet Loop north of Red Fleet Reservoir with varied terrain, views and difficulty level. Some of the more popular biking trails include Jazz-Chrome Molly, Handsome Cabin Boy, Dino-Trax/Jumps and Ladders, Three Amigos, J-Boy and the new Downhill Flow Trail.Get more information on mountain bikingin the Red Fleet area of Dinosaurland.

Red Fleet Campground

Red Fleet campground has 29 regular campsites and two teepees available by reservation. Also enjoy the hammock stand for a night under the stars.


Campsites 19, 20, and 21 have access to water and electricity. Each site includes a picnic table and a fire ring with a grill. Restrooms, showers, and vault toilets can be found in the Red Fleet Campground area. There is some designated space for RVs as well.

Campground Fees

Campground and teepee fees may vary throughout the year. For the most up-to-date rates, a campground map, and to reserve a site, click here.

  • Teepee Only (Summer months) = $35/night
  • Tent Only = $13-$15/night
  • Standard Full-Hookup = $25-$28/night
  • Standard = $15-$25/night
  • Hammock = $30/night + $5/night for hammock stand

Red Fleet State Park Visitor Information

Seasons and Visitor Hours

Summer: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Winter: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Park Entrance Fee

Day Use Fee: $10/vehicle, up to 8 guests per vehicle

Utah Seniors: $8 (age 62+)

You can purchase a day-use pass in advance online or at the entrance booth.

Map and Directions

Continue on Hwy 191 a quarter mile past the entrance road to the park and make a right hand turn on the Donkey Flats road. This is the road that will take you to the Dinosaur Trackway Trail Head. Park at the bathrooms and kiosk and enjoy numerous hiking and biking trails in the area.

GPS Coordinates: 40.5802° N, 109.4322° W

Contact Information

Phone: 435-789-4432

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Steinaker Lake State Park

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