Instagram-worthy Locations in Vernal, Utah

Date: March 21, 2022

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If you don’t take pictures of the cool places you visit to remember for years to come, did you really go there? Luckily, in Vernal, UT there are beautiful backdrops everywhere to post all over your social media accounts. No one will question if you actually went or not… they will simply be jealous they didn’t go with you! Here are some of the best photo opts. 


Scattered around Vernal are dozens of murals lining the streets. These murals are colorful, fun and make you feel like you are walking the streets with dinosaurs! Finding these incredible pieces of art is an adventure and the cool Instagram picture is a well-deserved reward! These murals are great places to spice up your feed and show off the detailed artwork of Vernal. So, where can you find them you ask? 

Check out some of our favorites!

You can find the location of all our murals in the Vernal, UT mural guide.

Wall of Bones
Have you ever wondered what paleontologists see when they are digging away at the ground in search of ancient dinosaur bones? Can you imagine the feeling of aw as you brush away a pile of dirt to find the remains of the earliest life? Now you can see for yourself and show it off to all your friends. The Wall of Bones at the Dinosaur National Monument is a layer of rock that has been chipped away very carefully to reveal 1,500 prehistoric bones still embedded in their natural positions. Pretend like you are a paleontologist and pose for the pictures. Imagine how cool you will look in front of this natural piece of art.

Ancient Buildings
These days, vintage, old-fashioned photography is coming back. Kids are carrying around disposable cameras and Polaroids again because they love how the pictures turn out. In Vernal, Utah you do not need a vintage camera to get the “throwback” picture you want. While standing in front of the Old County Hospital or Tabernacle-turned Temple, you can whip out your phone and take a selfie or a group picture and achieve the same desired look. The unique architecture and intricate details are stunning and will fit in perfectly with your collection of vintage pictures! Check out our walking tour to guide you through the amazing history.

Fantasy Canyon
Enter a mystical world at Fantasy Canyon, where natural erosion has created astonishing rock formations that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Stop by to admire these whimsical creations, and don’t forget to take some pictures. Make sure to stay for the sunset  — the colorful sky against the wavey formations creates a magical view. You’ll have your camera ready the minute you jump out of the car.

Moonshine Arch
Do you want to hear one of Vernal’s best-kept secrets? Moonshine Arch is it. This 40-foot high arch creates the perfect frame for the best pictures. Not only are you enclosed by a beautiful piece of nature, but you also have a breathtaking backdrop behind you. This is a must-see for groups of friends or families of all sizes. Our self-guided tour will help you find this picture-perfect spot with ease. 

Don’t miss these wonderful photo opportunities in Dinosaurland. The variety of backdrops and beauty in the area will give you incredible memories for years to come.