Moonshine Arch

Moonshine Arch in Vernal Utah

Moonshine Arch is a beautiful arch located 8 miles outside of town. It may not be as well known as some of the famous arches in Utah, but is just as mighty and well worth the quick hike. Towering 40 feet high and 85 feet long, Moonshine Arch is definitely worth your time. You can choose to hike in the 1.5 miles on a well marked path or take an OHV or Jeep into the entrance of the arch. It’s  a great place to explore, hike, snap some cool pictures and overlook Steinaker State Park. It is located at the base of Red Mountain.

Check out Moonshine Arch for a fun hike in Dinosaurland with a unique natural formation you don’t see very often.

Hiking Moonshine Arch Trail

The trail to Moonshine Arch is just over a mile long and accessible year-round. The trailhead can be a little tricky to find so here are some detailed instructions to help you out. From Vernal, drive north on Highway 191 for about 6.5 miles. You’ll need to make a left turn onto a dirt road; look for the blue sign which says “Moonshine Arch.”
Blue Moonshine Arch Sign with arrow pointing towards the hike

Half a mile down that dirt road is a 4-way stop and a small metal sign that says “Moonshine Arch”. Turn left, and go a little further until you reach the end of the dirt road. There, you’ll find another metal sign and a gate where you can park your vehicle. From this point, your short hike on foot begins.

Metal Moonshine Arch Signage


Finding the Arch

The Moonshine Arch trail is manageable for all skill levels, with just a few rocky and hilly spots. It’s also very dog-friendly, so feel free to bring them along!

To get started, you’ll go through the gate where you park your car and follow the dirt trail. The main course is relatively easy to follow, but it’s possible to get off track on some of the smaller side trails if you’re not careful. After you start at the gate, the turns you’ll make are right, left, then right again. 

As you get near the arch, there is another sign from the Bureau of Land Management requesting responsible care for Moonshine Arch and the surrounding area. The arch is just a little ways past that sign at the base of the hill.

Most hikers can reach the arch in 20 minutes or less.
Moonshine Arch at sunset, Vernal, Utah, USA.

Things To Do

There are no fees or permits required to access Moonshine Arch. We just ask that visitors keep the area clean and well-preserved. There are no services or facilities at the arch, but there are many spots for taking in a great view, having some lunch or doing a photoshoot.

Many visitors like to hike up on top of the arch for a beautiful view of the landscape. Moonshine Arch is 40 feet high and about 85 feet long. It’s plenty wide enough to walk on the top, but be careful with your footing.

For those of you looking for a bit more thrill, there are trails to Moonshine Arch which are ATV, UTV and Jeep friendly. Take in the beauty of Red Mountain as you ride the trail to the arch. The ride to Moonshine Arch is a quick, but thrilling ride. You’ll get some incredible views both on the trail and once you get to Moonshine Arch.
Hikers Walk Along the top of Moonshine Arch in Vernal utah

Where to Stay Near Moonshine Arch

Moonshine arch is about 6.5 miles north of the city of Vernal. There are many great hotels and lodging options in Vernal. If you’re up for a more rugged stay in nature, check out the nearby campground options

Other Attractions Near the Arch

Moonshine Arch makes for a great day trip, but there are lots of other amazing attractions and activities to enjoy in Dinosaurland, some of which are very close to Moonshine Arch.

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