A Trip to Buckskin Ski and Snow Tubing Hill

Date: March 15, 2022

Categories: Winter Activities

Imagine waking up in a hotel room on a chilly winter morning. You put your snow clothes on, finishing with a warm hat and fluffy scarf. You and your friends pile into the car, a little groggy because you still haven’t had your morning coffee, and drive to Donnie’s Cafe for some breakfast. You are fueling up before heading to Buckskin Ski and Snow Tubing Hill for a fun-filled day.


Once at Snowhill, there are so many fun things to do. Snow tubing is the main attraction for kids of all ages. The rope tow saves the day as it pulls your eager self up the mountain for an exciting descent. Simply attach your tube, sit back and enjoy the ride up. Once at the top, you decide to grab onto your friend’s tube while others fly down solo. There is no shortage of smiles and laughs as you race to the bottom!

Skiing and Snowboarding

For those of you that want to switch things up, Snowhill includes the option to ski and snowboard down with your own equipment. A normal ski mountain can be overwhelming with all the crowds and cliffs. But skiing down Buckskin’s hill will help you feel confident in your abilities. Remember all your friends that came with you? This is a great chance to show off your skills.

The sun is setting and you and your pals are worn out. You pile into the car and start back for your hotel room, talking about the day the whole way home. You make an essential stop for hot chocolate and then head straight for the hotel hot tub. The day was a dream.

Buckskin Hills Ski and Snow Tubing Hill is truly a blast! The length of the hill and the hassle-free nature of getting to the top is magical. For those that don’t want to participate, it is just as fun to stay bundled up and listen to the laughs of those coming down.

Enjoy the winter months by doing something new at Buckskin Hills Ski and Snow Tubing Hill in Vernal!