A Fun Fall Day in Dinosaurland

Date: October 26, 2022

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Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean the fun has to go with it! As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change color, there is no better place to spend your time than Dinosaurland. Go explore the colorful changing scenery and the fascinating history found everywhere. Whether you’re a cool-weather adrenaline junkie, a history buff, or just an admirer of stunning autumn landscapes, Dinosaurland has something especially for you this season.

Go Hiking and Find Something New

Dinosaurland has so many different and exciting places to explore, and some of the area’s most breathtaking spots can only be reached on foot. Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air and connect with the beautiful natural surroundings. With the leaves changing and the refreshing cooler weather, there is no better time to get out and hike! Remember to take some snacks and plenty of water on your trip!

One of Dinosaurland’s best-kept secrets is Moonshine Arch, a stunning rock formation that is only accessible by hiking or ATV. It’s about a 40-minute easy hike to the arch, perfect for families. At the end of the trail, you are rewarded with the Moonshine Arch, an eye-catching outcropping surrounded by smaller caverns to explore. While you’re there, hike up to a vantage point and see the horizon set ablaze in the changing fall colors. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Another great hiking destination is Red Fleet State Park, one of the three state parks located in Dinosaurland. In the park, traverse the same path that Dinosaurs walked with the Dinosaur Tracks Trail. Following the short, easy trail brings you to the shore of the Red Fleet Reservoir. While exploring the shore, you can find ancient Dilophosaurus tracks that were left in the sandstone over 150 million years ago. Discovering these tracks is sure to thrill dinosaur enthusiasts both young and old.

Camp Out Under the Stars

Break out your tent and sleeping bag and take some time away from your busy life to go camping in Dinosaurland. Because Dinosaurland is away from any big cities, it is the perfect place to see thousands of twinkling stars. Be sure to plan for an entire week as you won’t be able to get enough of the incredible night sky. Light pollution won’t bother you here!

Steinaker State Park is a certified Dark Sky Park — one of 40 parks around the world with the best conditions to see the constellations, planets, and thousands of stars. There is nothing quite like the serene experience of camping out and losing yourself to the region’s night sky.

If you’d like to stay closer to all the action, camp out at Dinosaur National Monument. Set up in the park next to the Green River, and drift off to sleep with the distant sounds of the active river as your lullaby.

Discover Dinosaur History

Of course, a trip to Dinosaurland would not be complete without seeing some real dinosaurs. Take a trip to Dinosaur National Monument to experience the Dinosaur Quarry, an active dig site where thousands of prehistoric fossils have been found. Because of the cooler fall weather, you can spend all day searching for prehistoric fossils and mementos from the past. At the exhibit hall, you can get up close to giant fossils encased in the rock.

It’s time to go back in time! At the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, you can take a step millions of years into the past. See the 90-foot-long Diplodocus skeleton that has awed thousands of visitors. Learn about what happens in a fossil excavation at the Morrison Dig and uncover a fossil yourself! At this museum, you’ll feel like you have been transported straight into the Jurassic period.

Take a scenic drive

Dinosaurland is always beautiful but in the fall it is breathtaking. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the seasons change as you take a serene drive along one of the scenic byways or backways in the area. Take Jones Hole Scenic Backway up to the Diamond Mountain Plateau and marvel at the colorful hills below.

You could also drive up the Uintas National Scenic Byway to the Flaming Gorge and admire the gorgeous rock formations. There are pullouts and lookout points all over the area, so be sure to bring your camera and look around! You will want a photo to capture the beauty in front of you to reflect back on when your time in Dinosaurland comes to an end.

Dinosaurland is a one-of-a-kind destination to enjoy the fall weather. The cooler temperatures make for ideal hiking and camping out conditions, and changing colors turn the scenery into a uniquely beautiful paradise. It’s also always a good time to explore one of our museums and learn more about the amazing history of Dinosaurland. Learn more about ways to explore the area here.